How To Refinish Hardwood Floors
Step By Step Guide From Floor Contractor

How To Refinish Hardwood Floors


How To Refinish Hardwood FloorsFor those who have accomplished modest sanding projects, somewhat bit of carpentry it truly is time for subsequent step and refinishing hardwood floors. I suggest to start with one tiny bedroom, don't start out in the hallway or whole home. Sanding wood floors is a time consuming project and it can be far better to understand on the small bedroom.

Then, how to refinish hardwood floors? What tools you will need? Here's you answer :

1. Good dust masks. Rent a good tools that have dustless refinishing system.
2. Main sander, this can be a drum sander or belt sander.
3. Edger which is to refinish the edges, close to the wall.
4. Buffer for the final smooth sanding of you hardwood floors.
5. Sand paper for every machine. For a smaller bedroom purchase 40 grit 60 grit 80 grit 100 grit for the main sander, invest in just one of every grit, for the edger the exact same grits but you might need to have 5 discs of every single grit. If the supplier is close you may often acquire more in case you need it, the use of the sandpaper depends on the finish that has been utilised on the hardwood floors. Some hardwood floors have been painted. For those who would like to refinish painted hardwood floor ensure that you acquire lots of paper.
6. One 150 buffer screen and one 180 buffer screen.
7. vacuum
8. Sealer, finish, brush and finish applicator.

Now, let's see how to refinish hardwood floors :

1. Vacuum the room first.
2. You will use the main sander first using 40 grit, make sure to sand wood floors with the grain
3. Make sure you are sanding steady, don't stop with the sander working.
4. Principal sander won't get close to the walls, this is exactly where you've to make use of edger. Use the exact same grit which is 40. It is possible to take of the baseboards and install them back right after the relishing is done.
5. Sand with main sander with 60 grit after that edger again with 60 grit.
6 Repeat the process using the 80 grit.
7. Reset the nails
8. Vacuum the floor very well. Apply the wood filler with a large spatula.
9. Wait an until wood filler is dry. Drying time will probably be various depending exactly where you're, not surprisingly in hot climate just after 1 hour filler is dry and wood floors ready to sand again.
10. Sand off the filler with 100 grit. If the filler did not came off completely after one cut, sand floors one more time.
11. Sand with edger close to the wall using 100grit.
12. Vacuum sanded hardwood floor well. Make sure at this point to keep the floor dry and clean.
13. Using buffer sand with 150 grit.
14. Vacuum again and sand with 180 grit.
15. Vacuum again very well.
16. Apply hardwood floor sealer wait until dry.
17. Apply two coats of finish, follow manufacturer directions.

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Here are couple much more things you must know. White oak and red oak floor are simple to refinish. Cheery and Brazilian cherry is easy too but is it a harder wood may possibly require extra paper. Maple is rather tricky to refinish and incredibly challenging to stain. Staining is really a small bit extra complex then refinishing, the wood has to be sanded perfectly just before you could apply stain.